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Cashbox Theft

Among the other physical devices that may possibly increase the gamers winnings, cashbox theft is known to be one of the most sophisticated methods, indeed. In addition, it is considered to be the most effective method to win at slots.

Purposes of usage

Cashbox theft may also be called coin hopper theft due to the fact that it touches on primarily tricks with slot mechanism that is responsible for the coin payout.

Cashbox theft is a winning slots tool that is widely used by the gamers alongside the other methods of gaining income from the slot machines: light wand, monkey wire, drilling, money cheats or sabotage, etc.

The way it works

Some people may say that the following winning tool is deprived of the romanticism in comparison with the other strategies, however, it is considered to be one of the most working winning methods among the others. Indeed, it is the right way of stealing money from the gambling establishments.

The matter is that slot machines and also the modern video poker mechanisms primarily make use of the specific tubular locks that with some practicing can be relatively easy picked. The most significant is the fact that the following slot6 locks can be picked by means of the lock special decoder it is possible to make the master key even without actual slot machine opening. Thus, once the so called master key is done, the master usually can open without any problem the whole bank of the casino slots or video slot machines.

Thus, as soon as the cashbox theft can unlock the slots hopper for the coins or bill cashbox it rather depends on the slots type, the coin hopper or the cashbox can be easily emptied by the gamer very fast.

It is interesting to know that the record time of stealing money by means of the cashbox theft was defined as approximately 7 seconds! It is very fast, indeed.


Like any other winning tool, cashbox theft is known to be hard to implement, as well as many other methods of gaining an advantage over the house at slots. The fact is that physical interference into the slots mechanism demands some time and also skills of the gamer to do it precisely, quickly and being unspotted.


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