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Inspiring Our World

When it comes to the world of Unibet casino gambling, and entertainment, the name of MGM Resorts International is synonymous with the industry. The gaming and hospitality giant, which turns over more than $7 billion in revenue per annum, is not just a behemoth of industry; it is also an innovator when it comes to the care of its employees.

MGM Resorts International has invited its 62,000 employees to be creative and united. In a move that will never have been attempted anywhere else on the planet, they have joined forces to create a musical and storytelling feast. They have created their own theatre show. Created for the employees, by the employees and it is called, “Inspiring Our World.”

70-employees were chosen to share their talents on centre stage. Their goal was to inspire their world, to show employees what their culture looks like and to encourage engagement through positive contributions, embracing change and innovation and delivering exceptional quality.

The theatre show is a Vegas style extravaganza of music, choreography and theatrics. Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO, of MGM Resorts International said that the programme serves the company’s success as an international hospitality and entertainment leader.

The top businesses in the world reach that pinnacle through the power of its people. The companies that recognise this, and embrace is, thrive. When companies thrive. When there is a smile on the face of every employee. That is when you experience the very best in customer service. Inspiring Our World is just one of the ways that MGM Resorts International chooses to improve their customer service in order to make us very happy indeed.


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