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Robert Redford: Find Out Everything Interesting

Johny Hooker

Johnny Hooker is the main character of the popular film of 1973 - The Sting; he is known by the attempt to win something in roulette but he was probably not lucky enough to beat this game. Anyway, famous bettors are not only people who won enormous sums of money but also those ones who were brave enough to bet all their money (like Ashley Revell for example) but lost everything.

Robert Redford

This person is "a father" of Johnny Hooker because he played his role in the film The Sting and made it possible for Johnny to become the character her was - a cheater who tried to revenge for the death of his friend on the Head of Mafia. One moment of the film had made Johnny Hooker to become a famous roulette bettor: he takes his share of the money and bet all of them on a single number! Well, what can we say? He has lost almost everything!

Robert Redford is a famous American actor who had received Oscar in 2002 for Lifetime Achievement; he if famous not only for his actor career but also as producer, model, director and businessman.

Short Bio

Robert was born in California (Santa Monica) and began his activity as an actor in 1959; he had been married with Lola van Wagenen and they had 4 children but divorced in 1985; today he is married with his longtime partner Sibylle Szaggars (their wedding took place in Germany in 2009).

Mr. Redford played in about 65different roles in various films, won Oscar in 1981 (for directing Ordinary People) and other 23 nominations, was nominated for The Sting in the category "Best Actor" and had 14 other nominations.

Today, Mr. Redford (the full name is Charles Robert Redford, Jr.) continues his career of an actor and a producer: 3 films are in development now, so the fans of this wonderful and really talented person will have an opportunity to see him again soon. All 3 works will see the light in 2011: A Walk in the Woods, The Company You Keep and Against All Enemies.



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