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Types of Roulette Bets

Probably, the most important thing to know when you play roulette casino game is to know the whole list of various roulette bets to understand how it is possible to win money at roulette. Well, as far as you know, roulette game is also impossible to imagine without:

There are 2 types of roulette bets can be found: inside and outside bets; they are also divided into various subtypes which provide completely different payouts to gamblers.

Besides that, it is useful to know what game directives are better to choose and what type of roulette is more convenient for you. You can find there not only a usual American, European or French roulette, casino games you can also enjoy them in 3D version.

Inside bets

An Inside bet - a bet on a number or a group of numbers located within the numbered section of roulette table layout.

Inside bets include the following types of roulette bets:

Name Description Payout
Straight The bet on ONE particular number. 35 to 1
Split The bet on TWO numbers: place your bet on the line between these two numbers. 17 to 1
Street/Stream The bet on THREE numbers: you bet that one of these 3 numbers will win. 11 to 1
Square The bet on 4 numbers with a hope that one of them will win. 8 to 1
Five-number This bet can be met only at American Roulette, and this is the bet on 0-00-1-2-3. 6 to 1

Outside bets

An outside bet - a bet on some additional options located out of the numbered part of roulette table layout.

Outside bets are the following ones:

Name Description Payout
Red The bet that the next winner will be a red-colored number. 1 to 1
Black The bet that the next winner will be a black-colored number. 1 to 1
Odd The bet that the next winner will be an odd number. 1 to 1
Even The bet that the next winner will be an even number. 1 to 1
High Bet The bet that the next winner will be one of 19-36 numbers. 1 to 1
Low Bet The bet that the next winner will be one of 1-18 numbers. 1 to 1
Dozen Bet The bet on one of 3 groups of numbers: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. 2 to 1
Column Bet The bet on one of 3 columns of numbers at table layout. 2 to 1


A house edge of European Roulette - 2,67%

A house edge of American Roulette - 5,26%

This is actually the main reason why some gamblers prefer playing European Roulette.


Roulette wheel is the main character of every roulette game which is played both online and in land-based casinos. So, it would be not out of place to know the principle of its work.

Table Layout

It is very important to know all sectors of roulette table layout to be confident about what bets to make, when to make them and where to place chips. Don't forget about a "dolly"!


The rules of casino roulette game and online roulette do not differ much: they are not difficult at all but they are worth learning and following. Learn how to make bets!