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Charles Wells: The Man Who Broke the Bank

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Charles Wells always dreamed to be famous and rich: he called himself to be "an inventor" and spent all his money for playing the casino game of roulette. This person had got what he wanted: today everybody knows him as "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" - a legendary roulette player who will always live in history.

Once upon a time he came into the casino in order to come out being the legend of roulette casino game. Interesting, as modern players now prefer to play even more games. But that's not a point, the point is that...

Such a story is

It was July 1891 when Charles Wells went to Monte Carlo; he had 4000 pounds of money given to him for one of his "inventions" (he always asked banks for credits and they did not refuse him though did not believe to see his inventions), and he had serious intentions to win big money.

Mr. Wells had been playing roulette for 11 hours and was able to break the bank 12 times; it did not mean that the bank did not have money to continue the game after Wells' winnings but it had to look for more roulette chips for him to continue his playing. Charles had won 20 spins out of 30 and got in about 1 million francs.

November of 1891 had brought new winnings to Wells: he came back to Monte Carlo again and won 1 million francs for 3 days of playing roulette. Moreover, he was able to win 5 times in a row by making a bet on number five!

Certainly, the casino tried to understand the reason of such his luck but it was unsuccessful in doing that. Later, Charles confessed that he was just extremely lucky in playing roulette at Monte Carlo.

The Man Who Broke the Bank

In 1892 the song was written by Fred Gilbert which described the game of Mr. Wells; this song had a name "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" and it had made Charles Wells to be a real celebrity.

He pursued everyone that he was a successful engineer who just needed more money to continue his inventions; many people invested in him as he told he invented a special fuel-saving device for ships (though he did not do that of course). He came back to Monte Carlo again in 1892and broke the bank once again but lost everything eventually….

That is it

Charles Wells had been arrested for financial scam and fraud for 8 years first; then he was given 3 more years of prison and he immigrated to France finally. But he could not his fraud deeds and earned 5 year sentence for a financial scam in France too.

Mr. Wells died in 1926 in Paris; he passed away being a poor man.

1935 - the film "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" was created.

1983- the book with the same name was published. The author: Michael Butterworth.



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