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Darren Brown - the Attempt to Prove Roulette Vulnerability

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Derren Brown: Illusionist but Skeptic

Derren Victor Brown is a British mentalist, illusionist, writer and painter widely known thanks to the British television: he is the author of many TV series where he shows his performances of mind-reading. Though many people believe all these tricks to be the result of some paranormal practice, Derren stays to be skeptic about this; moreover, he is an atheist.

How is he connected with the roulette casino game? Well, he made an attempt to prove that it was possible to control the result of roulette spinning wheel if to throw the ball with a right speed. Was he successful with that? Let's see.

Fatal Bet

It was October 2009: Derren goes to some European country and makes a single bet of 5000 pounds on one particular number - 8. He has a small camera in his sleeve to record everything what will happen at roulette table (his action was a part of Derren Brown's series The Events). Do not think that he did that in order to see whether he was lucky in gambling: Derren had a plan to prove everyone it was possible to predict the number where the roulette ball will stop at if to use the laws of physics for that.

The main thing to his mind was to throw the ball and spin a roulette wheel with a particular speed: it takes Mr. Brown only 3 seconds to make his bet of 5000 pounds on number 8 but… the ball landed on 30! - just one number out

Interesting facts about Derren Brown

    1.       He is the writer of 4 books.

    2.       He was nominated for his live stage performances and won 2 nominations: the Laurence Olivier Award and Silver Rose d'Or.

    3.       He is a painter whose works has been exhibited at London (Rebecca Hossack Gallery). He paints portraits.

    4.       He is a mentalist: it means that he uses all methods (sometimes paranormal as many people think) to predict human behavior and control it.

    5.       Derren is a big admirer of parrots: he has 2 parrots and he owns the Parrot Zoo Trust.



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