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The Martingale System

At a glance, roulette seems like a game solely dependent on luck, the odds are always stacked in the favour of the house. Many who play believe that sticking with one number all night is the best way to go, this can prove to be a very costly mistake. Due to each spin of the wheel being a new game anything that has happened in the previous spin has no credence. However, there are some strategies that can help you when it comes to playing roulette, no more so than the Martingale system.

The Martingale system is the easiest to get your head around as well as being the most mathematically sound. Instead of focusing on a huge jackpot, the Martingale system is process that methodically boosts your winnings.

The system itself can only work if the player bets smart – you should start by betting the smallest amount on even bets (red/black, even/odd). For example you start with a £1 bet on an even number, if the ball lands brilliant, if not repeat said bet but double the stake to £2. So if you win you’ve won £4 with only £3 investment. Once you’ve won you go back to the minimum stake and start again.

This is a formula that works in online casinos also. If you were to use the Bet365 casino you could win a nice amount. Winnings that you can then use to bet in their sports betting markets, which are is one of the largest in the market – ranging from football to volleyball!

Of course there are some flaws in the Martingale. Despite maximising your probable win success to the max you’re still not guaranteed to win. This can lead to you having to chase your losses which could in the end actually cost you more money than playing normally.  To put it in black and white terms- you place the minimum £1 bet on even and the ball lands in odd, now say that happens for eight hands you would have spent £255, meaning that you would have to place a £256 bet to get out of the red and into the black.

Like anything that relies on chance there is no sure fire guarantee of winning, but of all the ways to win in roulette the Martingale is your best bet.


Roulette wheel is the main character of every roulette game which is played both online and in land-based casinos. So, it would be not out of place to know the principle of its work.

Table Layout

It is very important to know all sectors of roulette table layout to be confident about what bets to make, when to make them and where to place chips. Don't forget about a "dolly"!


The rules of casino roulette game and online roulette do not differ much: they are not difficult at all but they are worth learning and following. Learn how to make bets!